Fund The Album

We have spent the last 3 months recording our debut album, we are asking fans, friends and supporters of our music to help finance the manufacture and duplication of our album onto Vinyl and CD. This campaign will work as a pre-order system – so we know that the majority of the albums will end up in good hands.

Because we are an independent, self-supporting band creating left of centre music, we feel that this is the best and most cost effective way to bring out our debut album. We have a DIY approach to recording, touring and sustaining our art, we want to maintain and build upon a sustainable platform for the continuation of our work. Your contribution is massively appreciated.



I wanted to use pieces of dead machinery: an old drum machine: a broken bass: a vhs recorder. I wanted to use things that people had disregarded or forgotten about, I needed to find the light that was still flickering within these machines. My whole purpose was to create something that would sound good in a crap hi-fi.

I needed to get clear of massive recording consoles and endless digital options.

I wanted to get myself into a space were there was literally nothing left. Strength was the aftermath of a nuclear disaster,and all I could find amidst the smouldering rubble was a cassette machine and some other forms of primitive and basic machinery – I imagined myself making the first pop songs in the world again – songs that would connect with people after the disaster – yes that’s it -everything in the world had been destroyed so I needed to create something out of the ruin-something tangible that could be felt and played in a makeshift hi-fi or car stereo. This is where I would begin…





Limited edition single for International Record Store Day. Each comes in a hand-stamped sleeve. Exclusively sold at Cool Discs in Derry. Edition of 50.



Limited edition four track EP housed in a handmade metallic sheath. Available in two colours: black leather and glorious gold.


Do Televisions / Frankie Moore Ritual

Pro-dubbed double A-side cassette single. Edition of 100.